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Ulocladium is a very common mold type worldwide. It is ubiquitous with about 9+ known species. Other sources have listed as many as 18.

Ulocladium is found under normal conditions in soil, animal waste products, grass, paint, paper, textiles, and decaying plant matter.

Indoors Ulocladium, similar to Stachybotrys, has a high water requirement and is often grown on the same or similar material as Stachy. Gypsum wallboard, paper, paint, cloth, and straw materials are common substrates.

It is a dry spore that can is generally disseminated by the wind.

Ulocladium colonies are moderately rapid growers. Colonies are woolly or cottony. Color ranges from olive-brown to dark brown to rusty brown.

No industrial uses for Ulocladium are known.