George Machado
Tom Pula - Owner
Air Duct Cleaning Company is a dba (doing business as) of
The Machado Environmental Corporation

Air Duct Cleaning Company – cleans air conditioning systems. The name says what we do. We’ve been doing it all over Southern California since 1983, we’ve gotten extremely good at it and strive to continue to advance the industry.

Machado is based on value for money.
Most of our service is labor - specialized, skilled labor.
Our specialty is really seeing what a system needs to bring it back to hygienic and efficient operation and doing exactly that, as efficiently as possible. We guarantee our work.
George Machado
George Machado - Founder
1943 - 2008
Founded by George Machado, Air Duct Cleaning, or Machado, as we’ve come to be known, has built one whale of a reputation. We’re a bunch of guys and girls who take great pride in our work and arguably do it better than anyone else.

It’s not glamorous, it’s not “Hollywood” or some exotic science, but it is a specialized and very needed service.

We're here to service you and help you breathe more easily.