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Steve Huff
Buying a House

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Is the house you are considering buying mold-free? You should find out as part of the inspection process. While there is no 100% fool-proof way to tell if the house is completely mold-free, there are steps you can take to be reasonably confident that major mold problems are not present.


If you do find indications of mold, we strongly suggest hiring a professional to determine the full scope of the issue and recommendations for remediation, including anticipated costs. Sometimes those costs are minor, sometimes they are not.


Keep in mind that walls are not sealed, so mold growth inside walls does not just stay there encapsulated. Air moves in and out of wall cavities. Mold spores will move with the air currents.

The worst place for mold to be present inside wall cavities is probably the bedroom. A lot of time is spent there where the body is to be repaired by proper sleep. If being exposed to contaminants at that time, body repair is likely to be impaired if not reversed.

Even if no moisture is detected there could still be contamination inside a wall, which is why other indications must be watched for.

Being aware of what to look for and taking the time and effort to take the necessary steps can vastly reduce future problems and expenses. Purchasing a house can be quite stressful, so capture a little peace of mind by thoroughly inspecting for moisture and possible mold.