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Machado Environmental, your home for professional
HVAC restoration and air duct cleaning

To get started having your commercial HVAC System cleaned and restored call Melissa at 1 800 358-3828 Ex 116

Melissa will then schedule one of our highly skilled Estimators to visit your site and inspect the condition of your HVAC system

Few, if any, HVAC systems are the same, even within the same building. Each system and each part of the system often need different levels of attention.
  Building Our highly experienced Account Managers and Estimators look at each part of your system to evaluate what is needed to bring the system back to hygienic and cost efficient operation.

Boiler plate and square footage estimates can be very costly because specific issues are missed and can leave a building in a worse condition after cleaning.

Doing it right first time is the most cost effective and hygienic solution.
After your Estimator has fully inspected your HVAC system and discussed with you what you are looking to resolve, you will receive a detailed report and bid.

The report will have photos of your system, a recommendation of scope of work and any scope options.
Once you're ready to sign the bid or issue a purchase order number, our delivery team go to work. First they find out about any special building access or regulations you may have.

Having been in business since 1983, we've worked in Government Top Security Building, Jails, Hospitals and Chinese Restaurants, so we're familiar with special building needs.

Next our crews go to work.

On longer projects you'll get daily statuses via email or phone detailing what areas we've completed and where we'll be working next.
On completion you will receive a "Before and After Report". This contains the photos from the original estimate and photos the foreman took after cleaning your system.

This shows you the visual improvement of your system and is great as part of your OSHA documentation.

From Dryer vents to Oil Platforms and from Skyscrapers to Small Restaurants, no job is too big or too small.

Get the professionals on your team and call us now at 1 800 358-3828.
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