Lic # 719286
by Tom Pula
After 16 Years

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Once we have cleaned an A/C system, we do not want to see it again for a very long time. It’s always been our goal to make our product last. Unlike others who insist that a system be cleaned yearly, we know that a normal system properly cleaned will not need to be cleaned again for a number of years.

So if we are not called to clean the same system again for five years or more, it means we have done our job!

Occasionally, we have the opportunity to inspect our own work many years after it was originally done and more often than not, we are pleasantly pleased!

This is an air handler that we thoroughly rehabilitated including installation of Astrofoil. Two weeks ago received a phone call from the client asking us to clean the system again as the ducts have gotten dirty again over the years. But the liner looks like it was installed just last week.


This Astrofoil was installed on September 30, 1997 – 16 years ago by none other than our very own Alex Pineda, who many of you know as our Commercial Service Manager.

Alex Report

Not only did he do a fabulous job, he is ensuring that all of our technicians do just as good a job as he did when he was running a crew.

Other than wiping down the insulation and tidying up some of the seams, very little needs to be done with the interior of the air handler. When you consider that this unit has been running for 16 years (nearly 6,000 days) continuous use, you begin to realize the value of doing the job right in the first place.

Even by our standards, 16 years is a long time.

We look forward to seeing even more of the same in the future in your own facilities or those of your clients!